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Brigitte Nicole Grice (b. 1987) is an artist and writer who currently lives and works in Los Angeles.  

                                 Contact: brigittenicolegrice@gmail.com 

   The Blues of a

  Bruised Ballet

  and 3 Water Holes


On the road today there is

a cosmic depression

and a last cathedral

that dance inside the

blue light of your screensaver

can you read the fate lines

of the clock hands?





In the abandoned ballroom

I count the stars

in the fish

and I arrive to sorrow

that red sock

that red truck

that red lock

all mistook for the lust of must


On the bed

a bourgeoisie locket

wrapped around your thighs

throttling to the carriage

wavering through hell

with a card game of solitaire

awaiting the final hand





Imagine 25 bricks      

a red dress

a wet rose

and a pond

Imagine 30 frogs

a fake leg

a moustache

and a forbidden land

Imagine a roasted lamb

one opened book of erotica

two masturbating men

and a fire pit

Imagine one swan

a lost puppy

and a one-way highway

Imagine fame

unframed and frazzled

singing to a ghost in

a recently cracked mirror

Imagine death

with a shadow

circling a show of tears

all told in the hollows

of a periwinkle hue

Imagine happiness

and everlasting

fairytales torn into

the teats of tremendous

feats and the fancy fleets

of the sky and its fond long lines

Imagine that dove of love

with no more need for gloves.

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